This page contains any information that should be known before booking a photoshoot with me including my rates, cancellation policy, personal limitations, frequently asked questions and anything else that might help make this process go smoothly.
*To book a photo-session please fill in my Contact form.

Rates & Booking Fee
My rates are in line with my experience and skill level as well as the standard professional modelling rates local to the area I am travelling in. For all photoshoots I require a minimum of 2 hours. I offer discounted rates for longer bookings, such as half and full days. A photoshoot is not confirmed until a standard booking fee of 25% of the total fee has been sent via paypal or direct bank transfer unless otherwise discussed.
Australia &NZ (in AUD/NZD):
Hourly Rate: $140 /hr
Half Day: $480
Full Day: $750
USA (in USD, negotiable within reason):
Hourly Rate: $125/hr
Half Day: $460
Full Day: $750

Europe (Euros):
Rates vary depending on Region. Please contact for details.

Cancellation Policy:
I rely on my modelling bookings being met as my soul source of income - this is my livelihood - particularly whilst travelling.
If you cancel over 2 weeks in advance, your booking fee will be returned.
If you cancel and we are left unable to arrange another time during my tour:
- Cancel within 2 weeks of shoot and I will keep the booking fee.
- Cancel within 1 week of shoot, you agree to pay 50% of total fee.
-Cancel within 2 days, you agree to pay 75% of total fee.
-Cancel within 24 hours and you agree to pay the full amount.

In general, I will not pose in a sexually overt manner while nude. I am happy to express human emotions and flow freely whilst posing and more than comfortable with my body - but there are a few ways in which I do not wish to be represented. I will not, at any time, do “spreaded legs” poses while nude, “pink shots” or bent over lewd poses.
-I expect that I will at no time be touched while posing. Direct only with words or showing examples, if a hair is out of place or you need me to move my arm into frame, or something is bothering you, direct with words and I will fix it.

Posting Photos
I reserve the right to ask for a photo to be erased if it does not adhere to my limitations that you agree upon by shooting with me. Generally it never comes to this.
Duo Modelling
I am generally happy to pose with another model, depending on the concept and style of the shoot. I must however, be informed of who the model is, what the concept is and have agreed to modelling with them with ample time before the shoot.
Second Shooters
If you wish to share the cost of the booking by having a second photographer, this will have to be discussed and agreed upon first. I will need to know who the other photographer is and there will be a second shooter fee (generally, a 40% loading, TBC).
I have a great deal of experience in modelling for workshops and am available for hire as a model for workshops. The fee will have to be discussed pending workshop format and genre, time, participants fee etc. Generally, workshop rates will be higher than one-on-one rates.
Painters/Sculptors Muse
I am more than happy to model for projects other than photography. This rate can be discussed, please use the contact form or email me directly to discuss concepts and rates:
Social Media Promoter
I am interested in collaborating with more brands/promoting businesses that are local, ethically friendly and have a positive message. Feel free to contact me if you are a brand or know one like this.